8 Fantastic Websites for Royalty-Free Images and Stock Photography


A picture tells a thousand words, and getting your website’s images right is key to attracting and keeping your customers’ attention. We’ve put together this list of 8 fantastic websites for royalty-free images and stock photography, so you’ll never have to use dull images again.


But first, a friendly note about licenses:

Most of these photos are free to use (free from copyright restrictions, or licensed under Creative Commons public domain dedication). What this means, is you are free to use, copy, modify or distribute the work, even for commercial purposes.

Where the photos require attribution, we have done our best to make note of this. We advise you to do your own research on this in all cases. OK with that said, now on to the good stuff!


1. Flickr: The Commons

OK, we’ve all heard about Flickr, but are you aware of The Commons? Their key goal is to “share hidden treasures from the world’s public photography archives”, and there really is a gold-mine of treasure in these images.

flickr stock photo














2. Unsplash

Unsplash releases 10 royalty-free images every 10 days, and has build an impressive back-catalogue of urban photography, landscapes, and useful stock images. We’ve used quite a few images from Unsplash over the past months here on OnlineBusinessAsia.com.

unsplash royalty free stock photos













3. Death to the Stock Photo

This dramatically named free-stock photos site is on a mission; to provide awesome quality images to you directly to your inbox each month. This company uses their own licence, which you can check out on their site.

death to the stock photo royalty free image














4. Picjumbo

“Totally free photos for you commercial and personal works”. With over 2m downloads so far, we’re clearly not the only people enjoying these great free images.

Picjumbo totally free photos














5. Splitshire

Beautiful free images, with a lovely bokeh section, by web designer Daniel Nanescu.

splitshire free stock images














6. Stocksnap.io

An impressively large selection of stock images, with hundreds of new photos added weekly. All images are royalty-free for personal or commercial use.

stocksnap photo royalty free













7. Gratisography

Free hi-res pictures by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design, with new images added weekly. No royalties or licence necessary for use on commercial or personal projects.















8. Life Of Pix 

Free high-resolution photographs added weekly with no copyright restrictions.















So there you have it – no more excuses for using boring images on your website, advertising, or apps! Feel free to leave links to your favourite free stock-photo sites in the comments below.



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