What I learned from spending $150,000 on Facebook ads

What I learned from spending $150,000 on Facebook ads

Damien Bos: What I learned from spending $150,000 on Facebook ads   Why wouldn’t you use Facebook ads? According to The Economist, Facebook now controls 9% of all online advertising globally, touching over 1.4 billion users.   That’s a lot of eyeballs to advertise to. Combine that size with Facebook’s intimate knowledge of each of […]

Boost Your SEO With Short Promo Videos

how to use goanimate.com

Boost Your SEO With Short Promo Videos: It’s simple really; Google owns YouTube, and Google (being in the search business) recognises that more people prefer to watch a video than read a large page of text. So what does Google do? It displays YouTube videos as results to search queries, and keeps both its shareholders and […]

Damien Bos: Why I decided to write a book about online bu...

Online Business in Asia guide

In August 2012 I had an idea; I would quit my finance job to build a website and sell discounted fashion items to online customers in Hong Kong. Fashion brands would give me their stock on consignment, I would sell these products digitally, and get paid before having to pay for the stock; a perfect […]

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Online Business in Asia: How To Sell Online To The World’s Largest Market  by Damien Bos It’s never been easier to start your own online business, and this ebook shows you how. Written by entrepreneur, author, and speaker Damien Bos, you’ll get the secrets to quickly getting started online in Asia. Get this ebook today here!   […]

8 Fantastic Websites for Royalty-Free Images and Stock Ph...


A picture tells a thousand words, and getting your website’s images right is key to attracting and keeping your customers’ attention. We’ve put together this list of 8 fantastic websites for royalty-free images and stock photography, so you’ll never have to use dull images again.   But first, a friendly note about licenses: Most of these […]

How to Know What Your Customers Really Want

How to Know What Your Customers Really Want

It may sound simple, but it will definitely increase your chances of success if you know what the customer truly wants and will pay for. How to do this? Ask them! Or better yet, run a small test and observe what your customers actually want to pay you for. How to Run a Focus Group […]

Understanding Your Online Market and Competitors

Understanding Your Online Market and Competitors

Understanding Your Online Market and Competitors – It’s easier than you might expect! In an online business, it’s possible to estimate the potential size of your customer base through a few handy tools provided by the major search engines. Large amounts of search traffic, or overall search volumes increasing over time may indicate that your […]

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising

You might have heard about online advertising, and the oft-mentioned Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. What is Pay-Per-Click advertising? Simply put, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a way of displaying your text ads in front of people searching the web, whereby you only pay the ad server when a potential customer clicks on your ad. What happens after […]

How to Take Payment on Your Website

How to Take Payment on Your Website

You’ve built your online shop and stocked your virtual shelves, and now you’re wondering how to take payment on your website. This is where a reliable, cost efficient, and secure payment gateway is needed to convert your browsing visitors into paying customers. Payment is usually the last step in the online sales process, and it is […]