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The teams at Online Business Asia and Dragon Law have joined forces to bring you this FREE Ebook: How to set up and protect your online business.

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Follow the 10 steps inside this valuable resource to learn how to get started online while properly protecting your hard work.

Inside this eBook, you’ll find these 10 helpful steps:











Download Today: How to set up and protect your online business.


About Dragon Law:

The Dragon Law story
Dragon Law was founded in 2013 as a result of a simple observation: Technology and the Internet have transformed the speed and ease of doing business in every conceivable way, yet legal work continues to be conducted largely offline. This mismatch led Daniel Walker and Jake Fisch to create the vision of a self-service legal model that revolutionises the way businesses solve their legal needs.

Making legal more accessible for small and medium businesses
Small and medium sized businesses tend to expose themselves to unnecessary risks by not using legal services, or by using them only when it’s too late. The reason why is clear: Small businesses often have no time, no money, and no clue how to start.

Dragon Law bridges this gap by providing an efficient and affordable means for businesses to install procedures and have in place agreements, so all parties are aware of their rights and obligations from the outset. This prevents problems from arising in the first place, and avoids disputes that may strain business relationships.

By signing up for a free trial, users can create a Website Privacy Policy and Confidentiality Agreement localised for the Hong Kong and Singapore jurisdiction, and Upload and Sign documents over the cloud. Paid subscribers use Dragon Law’s technology to self-assess their legal needs and receive guidance through complex legal situations.

Users are taken through the process of creating legal documents from start to finish. Dragon Law’s platform gathers key insights about the business through a question-and-answer interface, and generates highly-customised legal documents that address specific needs.

By combining self-service technology and a legal help desk, Dragon Law’s users have the ability to take control of their everyday legal needs, and make informed business decisions. Dragon Law resolves legal needs 10 times faster and cheaper than traditional bundled legal services. Users enjoy the simplicity of one platform to learn, one reliable help desk, and one bill to pay.

Asia’s leading online legal services platform Dragon Law releases version 2.0, extends service to the Malaysian jurisdiction

What’s happening
Dragon Law, Asia’s leading provider of online legal services, has announced a new release –, featuring a redesigned, unified experience. Version 2.0 ties in closely with Dragon Law’s expansion plans and mission to make legal services more accessible for businesses.

What’s new?

Enhanced user experience
Dragon Law is now unified across one domain name, The new website guides you to the exact document you need. You then slide seamlessly into the app and begin to create it immediately.

Promotional launch for the Malaysian jurisdiction
One of Version 2.0’s highlights is Dragon Law’s promotional launch in Malaysia, where, for a limited time only, users in Malaysia will get access to Dragon Law’s full suite of legal documents for free. Existing subscribers in Singapore and Hong Kong can also access Malaysia-localised documents at no additional cost.

New document additions for all jurisdictions
“One of the most common questions we get from our clients is, ‘What if I need a document that is not available in the Dragon Law app?’ You asked, we listened. I am very proud to announce that we now have close to 400 documents for use in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.” commented Daniel.


The Dragon Law milestones
Dragon Law 1.0 launched in Hong Kong in January 2015 and, less than a year later, expanded into Singapore. The total headcount across both countries is now approximately 40.

In February this year, Dragon Law launched its Legal Startup Academy, a legal crash course series that aims to empower startup founders and entrepreneurs with the essential legal knowledge for every stage of their business.

Dragon Law comments
Dragon Law’s CEO, Daniel Walker, said, “It is gratifying to watch our Hong Kong and Singapore clients grow with Dragon Law, and we are very excited to be able to deliver the same great value for the Malaysian market.”

“Thousands of businesses trust Dragon Law to help them stay compliant. Our customers’ faith in us pushes us to be extremely cautious when entering new markets. Clearly, Malaysia is a unique market with a highly complex legal system. Malaysian lawyers have worked tirelessly over the past months to develop our product so our customers are compliant when they do business across East and West Malaysia.”

When asked if Dragon Law is looking to replace lawyers, Daniel said, “Not at all. If anything, we are increasing the productivity of law firms by introducing a tool that corrects inefficiencies in their workflow. Quoting an article from the Financial Times, in traditional law firms ‘the highest-earning legal partners preside over pyramid-shaped firms, raking in huge fees while teams of junior lawyers do the drudge work of searching for precedents and drawing up contracts’.”

“Rather than replacing lawyers, Dragon Law is merely looking to automate some of this work so that the same compliance can be achieved with less resource. Businesses, even multinationals, feel the pinch and there is a clear a gap in the market that Dragon Law addresses.”

Find out how Dragon Law makes legal easy, fast and affordable. Start a free trial here


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