Boost Your SEO With Short Promo Videos

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Boost Your SEO With Short Promo Videos: It’s simple really; Google owns YouTube, and Google (being in the search business) recognises that more people prefer to watch a video than read a large page of text. So what does Google do? It displays YouTube videos as results to search queries, and keeps both its shareholders and customers happy. The result is great SEO results for those who use video well.


How can you take advantage of this SEO tip? By creating short and relevant videos of course.


But you might be saying, “Videos cost a lot of money to make”. Well, they used to, but thankfully not any more. You can create a simple whiteboard animation like the one below for US$39/month with the help of


Just drag and drop the items into place, create your scenes, and choose a backing track. You can pay extra for voiceovers, do them yourself for free, or our personal favourite; the text-to-speech robot voices!

Here’s a screenshot of the user interface:

how to use












It’s pretty simple to use, and once you get a feel for it you can create a 30 second video like this in around an hour:



So what should you keep in mind for SEO once you’ve created your fantastic videos?

  1. Keep it keyword relevant. Just like any blog post or web page, know which keywords you’re targeting and include them in the video title, tags, and keywords.
  2. Upload to YouTube. While there are other video hosts, this one’s owned by Google, so it naturally gets the best SEO within Google search. (China users might prefer instead)
  3. Share to social media. Guess what, Google owns Google+ too, so definitely repost it there. And to all the other social sites where your fans hang out.
  4. Link your accounts. Place links to your website or blog on your YouTube page and on each individual video, and vice-versa. Send your traffic between your properties and watch as they share, like, and boost your page views. More traffic & views equals better search rankings, equals more traffic. That’s what we want.


So there you have it! Get started on your business’s new videos today. Here’s one more we made for this series (and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here):


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