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Hello and welcome to Online Business Asia, your resource for planning, starting and growing your online business in Asia.

As millions of new customers come online each month across the region, there is no greater opportunity for businesses to tap a fast-growing and lucrative market. Online commerce certainly is on many people’s minds as companies across the globe seek to cash in on the “Asian century”.

Gathering a wealth of knowledge from people who have started, own, and run successful online businesses across Asia, OBA is your up-to-date reference for all things in the world of online business. Join us for regular updates on topics relevant to online business operators.

In my time in Asia I have built online businesses, raised capital, marketed and sold product and services in multiple languages across several markets. I hope this resource is valuable to you as we look more in-depth at what is working here in Asia in the world of online business.


Damien Bos
Founder, Online Business Asia

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